Seema Rungta Designer Studio | About
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Fashion is always ephemeral which speaks to me – Seema Rungta

Seema Rungta learned the Art of Fashion at Maharani Gayatri Devi College Jaipur, where she also finished her schooling and graduation.She launched her label in Pune in the year 2011.


Raised in the culturally rich vibrant city of Jaipur, S he conjugates traditional and artisanal Indian themes seasoned to clock in at ultramodern blueprint silhouettes that emerges as work of art. Out-of-the-box collections by Seema exhibit a charm and modern look for every women to wear, exclusive bridal collection as well as prêt-à-porter wear.


The Flamboyant embroidery keeps it feminine and classy , She likes to keep juggling between traditional ethnic & conventional combinations to embrace an abundant attitude. She is persistent to bring her art-inspired quaint ideas to the limelight and chank them off with old fashions designs to create the perfect coalesce fashion.


The label is equivalent to perfect detailing, style, and excellent finishing that emerges as a unique style for an affiliation of traditional & contemporary. . Her designs bring out a standalone look which makes women the first ever choice of a modern day woman and girls .The brand specializes in lehengas.Anarkali kurtas, gowns, dresses along with the cocktail, bridal, and diffusion line.


The designer has embellished as fashion designer in the last 8 years with her elegant work & style. Seema Rungta believes that clothes speak a language and they have the capability of delivering sophistication and elegance that is why to create the perfect blended fashion she is determined to bring her art-inspired whimsical innovation to her designs.


Her fashion label holds a great artistic pretense, the studio focuses on both simple aesthetics & technical aspects.She believes that “Time carry skill” and thus evolving,She received appreciation for her unique and elegant styles of design and embroidery when she conducted her first exhibition “Sunset Bazaar” at residency club Pune–which turned out to be great success, this not only helped her to relate her design but also helped her reach larger audience.

About studio

One still need dedication, passion, and fascination to turn that into an actual profession. That’s exactly what Seema went on to become.She came back to India and started her own studio.


She has an captivating take while designing clothes and choosing fabrics, where she strives to research with the structural design of the dress. Touch and Feel of the fabrics are her key ingredient which she aims. She likes frisk with the cuts, ombre effects in proportions without compromising on the aesthetic element.


Her eccentric and liberal outfits had symmetrical, bold and path-breaking contours with multi color embroidery.


Her collection is a stimulating take on Indian wear with a very mystic design.Her collections are enchanting, She believes in designing economical, touchy and stylish while the colors depend on her frame of mind at that moment,she does lots of research before starting onto new design. Chic, elegant and trendy, just how the demographic prefers are her top current collection.


Her Show-stopping collection can be found at the below stores

  1. Mairah, Modibaugh –Pune
  2. Satva – Mumbai
  3. Shrey-Mumbai
  4. Hues-Mumbai
  5. ArMadio-Bangalore
  6. Agashe – Delhi